Competition Winners

This section is where we display the results for the recent competition winners, each competition has its individual gallery.

Competition - Food, 15th February 2019

Judged by Vince Penticost, AWPF. 1st place, Pears by Keith Sharples. 2nd place, Catch of the Day by Lyn Sharples. 3rd place, Dinner Choices by Brian Challis. Five images were highly commended: A Taste of New Zealand by Iain McCallum, Feeding Time by Lyn Sharples, Autumn Harvest by Alison Stace, Three Heads are Better by Keith Sharples, and Yule Time Chocolate Log by Iain McCallum. Three images were commended: Bake Off by Lyn Sharples, Cracking Shot by Iain McCallum, and Iced Oysters by Alison Stace. Gallery

Online Competition - Hot or Cold

First place, Poking Through by Keith Sharples. Second place, Walkers in the Snow by Catherine Jones. Third place, Winter Walk by Christopher Jones. Three images were highly commended: Frosty Leaf by Anne Richards, Reindeer in the Arctic by Janet Cox, and Winter at Keeper's Pond by Brian Challis. Chilly Chilli by Peter Farrar was commended. Congratulations to all. To see all the images and judge's comments for each image go to the gallery. Gallery

Competition - Catching the Light, 7th December 2018

Judged by Bob Train, LRPS, CPAGB. 1st place, Sunlight Over the Water by Lyn Sharples. 2nd place, Treasure Grove by Alison Stace. 3rd place, The Train on Platform 2 by Christopher Jones. Six images were highly commended: Night Light by Bill Stace, Sunset Warmth by Iain McCallum, Pentre Ifan at Night by Keith Sharples, Autumn Glow by Lyn Sharples, Bristol Channel by Christopher Jones and Moody Weather by Keith Sharples. Five images were commended: Light Snow by Brian Challis, Dawn Light by Sue Carter, Quietly Preening by Catherine Jones, The Last Light by Keith Sharples and Catching the Last of the Day's Sunlight by Iain McCallum. Gallery

Online Competition - Patterns - November 2018

1st place, Concrete by Keith Sharples. 2nd place, Lockers by Keith Sharples. 3rd place, Leaves in Autumn by Lyn Sharples. Joint HC, Church Window by Sue Carter and Scarves by Chris Morris. Joint commended, Roof Detail by Christopher Jones, and Worcester Cathedral by Sharon Thomas. To see all images and judge's comments for each image go to the gallery. Gallery

Online Competition - Decay, In Need of TLC - October 2018

1st place, The Barn by Lyn Sharples. 2nd place, Parked Up by Chris Morris. 3rd place, MOT Failure by Chris Morris. Joint HC, Pond Dwelling by Pat Hopkins and Old Door by Lyn Sharples. Joint commended, Piercefield House by Bill Stace and Open Office by Keith Sharples. To see all the images and judge's comments for each image go to the Gallery. Gallery

Competition - Sports and Pastimes 19th October 2018

Judged by Rob Mitchell MA (photography). 1st place, A Winning Shot by Lyn Sharples. 2nd place, Keeping Tradition Alive by Keith Sharples. 3rd place, A Jolly Good Read by Alison Stace. Highly Commended, Chaos or Order by Iain McCallum and Footballer by Lyn Sharples. Commended, I Got Rhythm! by Janet Cox, Gun Nut by Chris Morris, Determination by Iain McCallum, and The Juggler by Sue Carter. Gallery

Online Competition - Inspired by a Piece of Music - September 2018

1st Place, Crazy Horses, the Osmonds by Alison Stace. 2nd place, All Things Bright and Beautiful by Keith Sharples. 3rd place, Whispering Grass by Keith Sharples. Joint HC, Albatross, Fleetwood Mac by Sue Carter and Nine Million Bicycles in Beijing by Lyn Sharples. To see all the images and the judge's comments go to the gallery. Gallery

Online Competition - The Colour Blue - August 2018

1st place, Moored Boats by Lyn Sharples. 2nd place, Blue Flag at the Top by Keith Sharples. 3rd place, Blue Twirl by Heather Elliott. Joint HC, Rusty Ring with Blue Rope by Catherine Jones and Blue Jet also by Catherine Jones. To see all the images and judge's comments go to the gallery. Gallery

Online Competition - In the Style of an Artist - July 2018

1st place, The Scream by Lyn Sharples. Joint 2nd place, Crib Goch by Christopher Jones and Sunset Over Victoria Dock by Bill Stace. 3rd place, Ethan by Catherine Jones. Joint HC, Turner Sunrise by Alison Stace and Alternative Woodland by Keith Sharples. Gallery

Online Competition - Working Man or Woman - June 2018

1st place, New Shoes by Catherine Jones. 2nd place, Railway Man by Lyn Sharples. 3rd place, Blacksmith by Iain McCallum. Joint HC, Working the Steam by Keith Sharples and Food for Goats by Heather Elliot. Gallery

Competition - Annual Open - 18th May 2018

1st place: Shapes, Colours and Textures by Bill Stace, 2nd place: Bee Eater Tossing Bee by Sue Carter, 3rd place: Catching the Light by Lyn Sharples. Thanks to our judge, Peter Young, for stepping in at short notice to replace Vince Pentecost. Gallery

Competition - Winter - 6th April 2018

1st place: Walking in a Winter Wonderland by Lyn Sharples, Joint 2nd place: Sharp Frost by Bill Stace, A Winter Walk by Lyn Sharples, and Snowbound by Lyn Sharples. Judge Leigh Woolford. (The winter competition was postponed from 2nd March due to winter weather!) Gallery

Online Competition - Leaves - February 2018

Online competition - Insects
1st Place (Heuchera by Sharon Thomas) - 2nd Place (Tropical Splendour by Janet Cox) - 3rd Place (Leaves4 by Tony Cutting) Gallery

Online Competition - Glass - December 2017 / January 2018

1st Place (Brecon Cathedral by Janet Cox) 2nd Place (Glass Fountain by Alison Stace) 3rd Place (Sky High by Chris Morris)
Highly commended (Blue Man by Alison Stace) Gallery

Competition - In Tight - 5th January 2018

1st Place (Steam by Lynda Sharples) - Joint 2nd Place (Spring Sunlight by Alison Stace - Sheep by Lynda Sharples - A Hard Life by Keith Sharples - By The Nose by Lynda Sharples) Gallery

Competition - Portrait - 1st December 2017

1st Place Madame Vastra by Alison Stace) - 2nd Place (We see through a glass Darkly by Mike Roberts) - 3rd Place (Frozen in Time by Sharon Thomas) Gallery

Online Competition - Transport - November 2017

Online Competition - Transport
1st Place (Sir Lamiel by Mike Roberts) 2nd Place (Paddle Steamer by Tony Cutting) Joint 3rd Place (Birmingham tram Janet Cox) (Enjoying a fairground Ride Tony Cutting) Gallery

Online Competition - Movement - October 2017

Online competition - Insects
1st Place (My Surfing by Tony Cutting) - 2nd Place (Luke Mossey by James Mason) - 3rd Place (Piano Player by Janet Cox)
Highly commended (Water Skier by Janet Cox) Gallery

Contre Jour Competition 6th Oct 2017 - Judged by Gareth Martin

1st Place (Tintern Abbey by Bill Stace) - 2nd Place Joint - (Evening Shot of a Bird in Tree & Dawn Rowers, Both by Tony Cutting) - 4th Place - 5 People (Sunset at Sea by Bill stace, Porlock Sunset by Iain McCallum, Setting Off by Jackie Poulter, Exit by Janet Cox, Impression by Alison Stace,) Gallery
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