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Online Competition - Working Man or Woman - June 2018

New Shoes

1st place - New Shoes by Catherine Jones
A very pleasing image with good composition containing all the elements necessary to tell the story as depicted in the title. It has excellent exposure with a good depth of field. The diagonal between the shadow, the shoe and the horse's hoof show movement, and the steam from the farrier's forge completes the story. Well cropped.

Railway Man

2nd place - Railway Man by Lyn Sharples
A really good image with a pleasing composition and the exposure helps to tell the story of the railway worker oiling the locomotive. It is sharp with a good depth of field showing all the elements of the job. The railway lines do not distract from the railway worker but the platform edge could be dulled down as it is too bright within the image.


3rd place - Blacksmith by Iain McCallum
Good sharp image which has a good depth of field. The exposure of the image compliments the composition enabling the viewer to observe the concentration on the face of the blacksmith. It tells a story.

Working the Steam

Highly Commended - Working the Steam by Keith Sharples
Good quality image with exposure to compliment the railway worker showing a clear message of the work being done. The composition, sharpness and depth of field within the image shows the main subject focusing on the task in hand. This image tells a story and shows the concentration of the worker. The wheel of the steamroller or the worker could perhaps be repositioned as it confines the figure. The image was well cropped.

Food for-the-goats

Highly Commended - Food for Goats by Heather Elliot
A really good portrayal of these girls going about their work in their environment. Good exposure in difficult light as possibly taken around midday. Interesting original composition which would benefit if the walkers on the left of the image were removed as the red square on the rucksack draws the viewers eye. The walkers could be cloned out or cropped out of the image, but cloning out would make a more balanced image.

Well done to all. The other entrants in no particular order:

Backing Up

Backing Up by Catherine Jones
The black and white image fits the brief showing the guard observing the front of the train. The image would be improved if it was cropped taking out the fuzzy areas around the edges.

No Health and Safety Rules here

No Health and Safety Rules Here by Heather Elliot
This image fits the brief but is too busy. Less is more. The metal container reflecting the harsh light could be cropped out allowing the man to be the centre of the image.


Ploughing by Lyn Sharples
Good black and white image showing a farmer at work which was well seen. The background being blurred makes the farmer stand out in the image. There could be more punching vibrance by improving the exposure. There is no movement in the wheels of the plough although the farmer seems to be concentrating as if the plough was being used.

The Butcher

The Butcher by Chris Morris
This black and white image fits the brief but has a blue/magenta cast. It is also not sharp but is a good idea and perhaps could be taken again.

Waiting for the Crowd

Waiting for the Crowd by Chris Morris
An image showing an old cinema with the red carpet waiting for the cinema goers. This image tells a story but is not sharp. The main building appears to be covered with a film producing an odd effect.

Washing Day

Washing Day by Alison Stace
Black and white image showing maybe work done by a person but no image of the person in the image but this image does not fit the brief.

Womans Work

Woman's Work by Alison Stace
This image does not fit the brief. The irons are not on a range which is where they would be if they were being used for work and there is not a person in the image doing the work.

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