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Online Competition - In the Style of an Artist - July 2018

The Scream

1st place - The Scream by Lyn Sharples.
Amazing image which is an excellent interpretation of The Scream by Edvard Munch. It has even got the blurred out person a third of the way into the picture. The image is as weird as Munch, creating a finished stunning image. The colours using liquifying filter are very effective with the figure of the boy being portrayed as a figure similar to the original.

Crib Goch

Joint 2nd place - Crib Goch by Christopher Jones.
Many artists have interpreted and painted Crib Goch in their own way. Lovely colours in this composition with a shaft of light hitting the summit on the left hand side in the upper third. It could be underwater. The exposure is very good making it look like a water colour. This image fits the brief.

Joint 2nd place - Sunset Over Victoria Dock by Bill Stace.
Has the Wow factor. Good representation of a Turner seascape/ battle. Highly atmospheric with the boat leading the viewer into the image. The colours and style could be a painting rather than a photograph. Very good exposure producing an outstanding image.


3rd place - Ethan by Catherine Jones.
Representative of stipple painting or a brush effect painting. Softer version similar to Lucien Freud. Good point of contact as the eyes follow the viewer from any position. Very well placed in the frame. Good colours. A pleasing image with good composition.

Turner Sunrise by Alison Stace 29extended

Highly Commended - Turner Sunrise by Alison Stace.
Gentle image. Looks like an oil painting with brush strokes. Has a brilliant moon in the top third of the image gives a spiritual atmosphere. All the colours in the image are similar to those used by Turner.

Alternative  Woodland

Highly Commended - Alternative Woodland by Keith Sharples.
Interesting image, you can make what you want of it. Optical illusion needs to be viewed a second time. Has great atmosphere. Rather ethereal and it looks as though the trees and bracken are moving. The central point being the middle straighter trunk.

Well done to all. The judge commented on the high standard of all the images for this competition with work presented with thought and care.
The other entrants in no particular order:

After Monet

After Monet by Alison Stace.
This image fits the brief similar to the style of Monet. Not really a central point to draw the eye. Could be improved if the outlying lilies were cloned out then providing a leading line.

Appleby Church Yard in Pastels

Appleby Churchyard in Pastels by Catherine Jones.
Church well placed in the frame and although the top cannot be seen this does not affect the image. Filter effect over the whole image produces a visually pleasing architectural image with a leading line that takes the viewer into the image through the gate up the path to the church door. Sharp image.

Artisitc ICM

Artistic ICM by Iain McCallum.
Do not understand the title. Needs more definition. Nothing to focus on when viewing this image.

Coast Line

Coast Line by Christopher Jones.
Lovely image finished in a graphic style rather than a painting. Could be an abstract as it works well whichever way it is viewed. The waves crashing on the shore with the central point of the white wave in the upper third of the image but there is no straight horizon.

Pleased to Meet You

Pleased to Meet You by Heather Elliott.
Fun. Fits the brief. Well taken Picassoesque studio image. Interaction between the two pieces which are set well in the frame. Each eye looks at the viewer from different directions.


Poppies by Keith Sharples.
Could be a Lino cut style image. The colours make it a little gloomy. This image is very busy all over and needs a point to draw the eye. Representative of the remembrance poppies which are now in this hundredth year being black and faded. Cropping either side would improve the image.

Port Leon

Port Leon by Janet Cox.
This image could be a screen print as there is no connection between the sky and the sea. Two or three runs of ink may have been used. Fits the brief. Divided into thirds with the boat drawing the eye, and the jetty and reflection leading towards the boat.

Standing Up Together

Standing Up Together by Heather Elliott.
Charming group of well coloured pots/ vases. Good exposure but the top of them is not sharp. This image could have been improved by including the whole base on which they are standing and by removing the edge of the card on the left hand side.


Sunflowers by Janet Cox.
Good representation of the sunflowers painted by Van Gogh but this image looks as though it has been done in layers to get the effect of the painting. It has sharp black lines around the edges. It is very sharp throughout the image and has excellent exposure except for the shadows on the back wallpaper and on the table implying that the sunflowers and vase were taken with a flash or in sunlight creating the shadows. This could be improved with a fill in flash. It would benefit from a bit of cropping off the top.

Van Gogh Does Scotland by Lyn Sharples.
This image is improved if looked at from a distance. The colours used are not similar to Van Gogh. The image looks like it has been painted with oil on water. The beginning of marbling not really in the manner of Van Gogh.
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