Competition Winners
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Online Competition - The Colour Blue - August 2018

Moored Boats

1st place - Moored Boats by Lyn Sharples
Good tight crop. Pin sharp simple strong image. Drawn to the whole end of the central boat. Good composition with strong diagonals. Different shades of blue makes a peaceful image.

Blue flag at the top Keith 1

2nd place - Blue Flag at the Top by Keith Sharples
Pleasing balance exists of all components of the composition. This image is not quite symmetrical. Sharp and satisfying simple shapes. An abstract image which is pleasing to the eye with lovely colours. Perhaps the two lines in the sky could be cloned out as this may make the image even stronger.

Blue Twirl

3rd place - Blue Twirl by Heather Elliott
Original image with good lighting and creativity. Good spiral which leads eye into the centre where there is space to rest the eye. An interesting mix of colour blue.

Rusty ring with blue rope

Highly Commended - Rusty Ring with Blue Rope by Catherine Jones.
Good interesting composition. Basically two colours, rusty brown and turquoise. Both colours and the shape of rope and chains are complementary. Nice textures in the foreground with smoother area in the background.

Blue jet

Highly Commended - Blue Jet by Catherine Jones.
Set well in the frame with the plane having enough room to fly into. Good technical ability by photographer in taking this image.

Well done to all who entered. The other images, in no particular order:

Bee on a Hydrangea

Bee on a Hydrangea by Sharon Thomas
Fits the criteria. The bee is sharp but the hydrangea is not quite in focus.

Blue Moon

Blue Moon by Christopher Jones
Good idea. Needs better exposure. No modulation of the light. A bit flat and noisy.

Blue Tranqulity

Blue Tranquility by Christopher Jones
Nice idea with boat placed well in the upper third of the image. Not enough interest for the viewer to take a second look. Too much empty space on the right hand side of the image. There is quite a lot of noise in the image.

Blue bowl

Blue Bowl by Janet Cox
Fits the brief. Sharp image but nothing to hold the eye.

Blue Cups

Blue Cups by Chris Morris
A sharp image which tells a story of the three children enjoying a fairground ride. The viewer's eye is drawn to the bright pink area in the left hand side of the image which could be cloned out and this would make a more powerful image.

Blue Hydrangea

Blue Hydrangea by Sharon Thomas
A sharp crisp image. Pleasant on the eye but not quite sure where to centre on within the image. Lovely image of a hydrangea but not enough to take a second look.

Blue Spike

Blue Spike by Heather Elliott
Good nice clean image with good exposure.

ClearWell Blue

Clearwell Blue by Chris Morris
Fits the brief. Bland horizon which could be straightened in photoshop. No central focus. The image would be made stronger if it was more balanced with three caves not two. It was a good effort by the photographer taking a difficult subject.

Doggy dream

Doggy Dream by Janet Cox
Interesting image that tells the story of the dog. Quite whimsical. Sharp and well lit.

Reflective Blue

Reflective Blue by Keith Sharples
Good colour but no central point of interest.

The Blue Door

The Blue Door by Lyn Sharples
The antiquing effect has caused the flattening of the image. It has caused the depression of the light. The edge on the right hand side of the image has not been given the same treatment as the rest of the image.

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