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Online Competition - Inspired by a Piece of Music - September 2018

Crazy Horses by the Osmonds

1st Place - Crazy Horses, the Osmonds by Alison Stace.
Excellent square image, focus on the right-hand horses eye. Pic has drama and does not need the driver in picture. Could crop out drivers black leg from edge of pic but minor quibble.

All Things Bright and Beautiful

2nd Place - All Things Bright and Beautiful by Keith Sharples
Very good. Butterfly is at angle, sharp and background de-focussed. Remove green twig on left centre would help simplify image even more.

Whispering Grass

3rd Place - Whispering Grass by Keith Sharples
Windy day has really paid-off here. Eye runs from bottom left to top right. Very painterly image. Just right.

Albatross Fleetwood Mac

Highly Commended - Albatross, Fleetwood Mac by Sue Carter
Sharp, good light, clean background and triangle shape adds interest.
Main bird breast feathers a bit blown out so just watch the exposure.

Nine Million Bicycles in Beijing

Highly Commended - Nine Million Bicycles in Beijing by Lyn Sharples
Innovative use of multi exposure just focusing on front wheels. The orange shoe is the point the eye first rests. Darken the left edge of the image would stop the eye wandering there.

Well done to all who entered. The other images, in no particular order:

Im In the Groove Man!

I'm in the Groove Man by Catherine Jones
You have waited for that moment and cropped it good and tight. Maybe improved by cropping the bottom to remove blue seat and focus would be better on the face rather than the arm.

Bridge Over Troubled Water

Bridge Over Troubled Water by Jackie Poulter
Nice winter light, reflections and red bike make picture.
Maybe darken top quarter and bottom third to keep viewers eye on the bike.

Handel hornpipe from the Water Suite

Handel Hornpipe from the Water Suite by Sue Carter
Nice image with good colour and focus is fine. Eye travels up river to “V” gap. Could crop–out the stone bottom-right, polarizing filter would have improved water glare.

Jitter Bugging to the Big Band Sound

Jitter Bugging to the Big Band Sound by Catherine Jones
Simple image with a story. Simple background with no distractions and subject position is good. Seeing subjects faces would be better.


Microphone by Iain McCallum
Good sharpness with blurred background. Shape and position good.
Perhaps crop-out top angled connector as it is a distraction on the edge.

NewYork NewYork

New York New York by Jackie Poulter
Classic view of NY skyline with good composition but the weather not too kind to the author. With flat lighting maybe a closer view of interest in the foreground would have been an alternative.

Ninety nine Red Balloons

Ninety-nine Red Balloons by Lyn Sharples
Arty image. Viewer starts at the real balloon then travels to the centre then top left … good. The large orange balloon in the bottom right should be less obvious.

Old MacDonald Had a Farm

Old MacDonald Had a Farm by Heather Elliott
Good idea for a table top image with a story. Overcoming the shallow depth of focus would improve the image.

Old MacDonald Had Another Farm

Old MacDonald Had Another Farm by Heather Elliott
Second bite of the cherry. Better composition and depth of focus is better. Table top surface is less convincing.

Pictures at an exhibition Mussorky

Pictures at an Exhibition, Mussorky by Janet Cox
Well exposed and diagonal line helps composition. Statue is the main and stronger subject. Maybe try much lower viewing angle to add some drama

Put the record on By Connie Bailey Rae

Put the Record on, Connie Bailey Rae by Janet Cox
Interesting to try your own version of the original image. Background square lights are a bit distracting so get in closer.

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