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Online Competition - Decay, In Need of TLC - October 2018

Message from this month's guest judge: I have really enjoyed looking at your images and I hope some of my comments will make you look at your images again, but remember these are only my feelings someone else will look at them and see them in a different light.

The Barn

1st Place - The Barn by Lyn Sharples.
Great gritty mono image, fits the brief, good viewpoint showing just enough of the two buildings, there is nothing distracting in the frame, the upright sheet of corrugated iron on the right stops your eye going out of the picture and the sky has enough detail to stop it being burnt out.

Parked  up

2nd Place - Parked Up by Chris Morris.
Super, the colour of the car really stands out; love the dilapidated state it is in, it fills the frame nicely. My only criticism is that the surrounding grass is a strange colour, may be you need to isolate the car and take some magenta out of the remaining area.

MOT failure

3rd Place - MOT Failure by Chris Morris.
A very pleasing image suits the subject very well, nicely framed showing part of the neglected car; we do not need to see anymore to know that it has been left to rot.

Pond Dwelling wide

Highly Commended - Pond Dwelling by Pat Hopkins.
This is a pleasing picture with muted colours and lovely reflections, may be the pond house should have been more prominent in the frame; a crop on the left up to the white water lily and a crop on the right cutting off some of the irises but leaving the beautiful reflections might make the subject more dominant.

Old Door

Highly Commended - Old Door by Lyn Sharples.
Fits the subject very well, a photographer’s picture, there is nothing to distract from the door and rusty door furniture and the base is nicely filled with the green foliage.

Commended - Piercefield House by Bill Stace.
Nice composition I like the low viewpoint, looking up at the house, I like the angle you have chosen to photograph these two buildings. I did find the white vignette a little distracting especially on the left hand corner of the smaller building, and the grass at the base of the picture, this image has great potential.

Open Office

Commended - Open Office by Keith Sharples.
Well seen, nice idea, love the dilapidated chair but I am distracted by the white branches behind the chair, may be you could have chosen a different view point.

Well done to all who entered. The other images with judges comments (in no particular order):

ageing post!

Ageing Post by Jackie Poulter.
Bracket Fungi is well lit with lovely colours on the fungi themselves, the background is a distraction some of the bright highlights could have been cloned out.

Collage  derelection

Collage Dereliction by Janet Cox.
A good idea showing many forms of dereliction, I think it needs more punch, maybe mono instead of sepia. I love the bottom windows on the left and the top right section; perhaps fewer images would have had more impact.

Colourfully Rotting

Colourfully Rotting by Keith Sharples.
I think this image would be better in mono, as the bright red coloured roof is very dominant, may be crop some of the blue window so the door is more of a feature.

Decaying Bouquet

Decaying Bouquet by Sue Carter.
A lovely image but I am struggling to make it fit the competition subject, but put it into a different competition and it should do well.

Fly Agaric in Decline

Fly Agaric in Decline by Sue Carter.
Well seen, lovely light on the fungi, a shame the cap is damaged. A very difficult subject handled well.

Hedgerow Tractor

Hedgerow Tractor by Anne Richards.
Certainly in need of some TLC fits the competition title very well, it is a bit tight in the frame, I would have liked to see, if possible, the whole vehicle.

Model Home

Model Home by Alison Stace.
Super image well positioned in the frame, the mono conversion suites it well, perhaps you have some more images showing the front of the house with plants growing around the windows which would make it look more abandoned.


Neglected by Anne Richards.
This is a very busy picture and I think it shows too much of the vehicle, perhaps a different view point focusing on the seat and the rear back windows would make a much simpler image especially with the dark foliage outside the car.

old fisherboat

Old Fisherboat by Christopher Jones.
A shame we can only see part of the boat, the light was not very kind to you as the image is very flat. There are some interesting shapes in the deck house that perhaps could have been used, sometimes less is more.

Seen better days 1

Seen Better Days 1 by Janet Cox.
It certainly has seen better days, but I would have liked, if possible, to have seen all the boat or if this was not an option just picking out just a section to photograph.

seen better days 2

Seen Better Days 2 by Christopher Jones.
I think this image would have been better if the black door was not almost in the centre of the image. I think the picture is in the right hand side of the frame, I love the old white wall and the door but not so keen on the red brick opening, perhaps a vertical crop leaving just the door and white wall would work better.

sticks in the wood pile

Sticks in the Woodpile by Jackie Poulter.
I like the way the image is held in by the two logs either side of the frame, unfortunately the middle sticks are not in focus, as these are the main view point I would have liked them to be sharp.

Totnes Bench

Totnes Bench by Sharon Thomas.
This dilapidated seat certainly needs some TLC. I like the diagonal position. I think the image could be cropped on the right hand side and across the top to make the seat the main centre of interest as I find the stone wall a distraction.

Victoria Plums

Victoria Plums by Sharon Thomas.
A good sharp image depicting autumn leaves on the plum tree and fruit left from the summer. The subdued background is pleasing, a small leaf at bottom left and green fruit on the right could be darkened a little.

Winter Blanket

Winter Blanket by Alison Stace.
A good natural history subject, I think the branch on the left is a distraction either clone it out or crop the image, I am not sure whether this fits the competition subject.

View of the World wide

View of the World by Pat Hopkins.
A simple image; well seen I like the mono treatment this really brings out the crumbling window frame. I think the reflections of the sky within the window glass adds interest. My one question is it too central in the frame.

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