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Online Competition - Hot or Cold

Poking through

1st place: Poking Through by Keith Sharples. A lovely image, with a close crop which really accentuates the vibrancy of the crocus against the backdrop of icy snow. The shades of violet and purple really stand out in the crocus. The water droplets adds dimension and interest, especially the droplets running down the right hand side of the main flowers. Good depth of field used making the flowers stand out.

walkers in the snow

2nd place: Walkers in the snow by Catherine Jones. A good position of the two walkers, great that they both have red hats on as it brings a little bit of colour to the image. There is a sense of movement in the image with the raised foot of the one and you get the sense they are deep in conversation. Obviously not a good day light wise but this adds to the image I feel. If anything I would crop the bottom to make it more of a square format, you still have a leading line to the walkers.

Winter Walk

3rd place: Winter Walk by Christopher Jones. Black and white really does suit winter scenes and this is a good example of this. A moody, misty shot with just two main areas of focus. The background trees to the left are just the subtlest of shadows, with the ones to the right slightly more prominent. Good composition.

Frosty Leaf

HC: Frosty Leaf by Anne Richards. And it is frosty with all the glistening specks on the leaf with its white icy spikes along its edges. Well caught close up shot, central in the frame, leading us from left to right through the image. Nothing at all distracting in the background so we keep our focus on the leaf. A pleasing image.

Reindeer in the Arctic

HC: Reindeer in the Arctic by Janet Cox. I like the composition of this image, close in, good depth of field, capturing the eye, face and the part horn in great detail. You can see the sunshine on the back of the reindeer and the snow behind which gives added depth to the image. Good range of tones throughout the image. I must be honest, if it were mine, I’d have been tempted to ‘paint in’ a little catch-light in the eye!

Winter at Keepers Pond

HC: Winter at Keepers Pond by Brian Challis. Lovely colours and tones in this image and good dof with the front and middle being in focus and the mountain background diffused. Again tells a story with movement and conversation in the two figures, and boy do they look cold. Overall composition is good, but I feel a crop off the top to just above the line of snow on the left, would emphasise the main elements of the image.

Chilly Chilli

Commended: Chilly Chilli by Peter Farrar. Lovely crisp, sharp image and I love that the chilli has been placed off centre. Again well-lit with the direction of the light and good shadow detail to the right of the chilli. The snow I feel is a bit grey looking, so bring up the exposure/highlights a tad to make the chilli stand out even more. Not sure that the left hand side adds to the picture – maybe a crop?

Well done to all who entered. The other images with judge's comments, (in no particular order);

All Weather Recycling

All Weather Recycling by Keith Sharples. Good directional light on this image, with a good central composition. The brightness of the snow has been handled well with no burnt out highlights. I think I would have cloned out the bright highlight to the right of the image. A different slant on a winters scene.

Frosty Peg

Frosty Peg by Anne Richards. I have to say this foxed me for a long time – peg, what peg? Then, there it was, so well done for keeping me guessing. Love the colour of the frost/ice on the peg. The peg/line cuts across the centre of the image and the peg itself lies a bit flat, so I wonder if another angle would have been possible? There are two bright highlights, to the left and right which are distractions and these could have so easily been cloned out.

Frozen Rose

Frozen Rose by Alison Stace. Well done for thinking outside the box and producing something creative. The ice gives a nice softness to the rose which compliments its colour. I do think less of the greenery would have given the rose more prominence. The rose is light in colour and the dark green leaves dominate especially the ones in the bottom right. Also, I feel the exposure could have been brought up slightly as the overall image is a bit dark.


Hob by Brian Challis. The blue flames and the slight hint of red of this image does giving the feeling of warmth. Composition is good being taken at an angle. However, I feel it could have been better with some cropping to the left to come closer to the flames to equal the right hand side and some at the top to take away the black triangle shape. I think a smaller aperture would have produced a much clearer image.

Hot Furnace

Hot Furnace by Christopher Jones. A grainy, gritty, black and white image with a dark moody sky and dark sea holding the main subject well in the centre of the image. Letter box style suit this composition very well I feel. Overall the tonal range is good but I feel a touch more highlight in the billowing smoke would give it more impact.

Norwegian Village

Norwegian Village by Janet Cox. Letterbox crop suits this image well as the main element, the village runs through the centre, so a pleasing composition. I would however, crop the left hand side of the image to half way into the last but one white building as the part to the left weakens the image. A tad more exposure would give this image more punch.

Shiver Me Timbers

Shiver me timbers by Pat Hopkins. Titled well. Love the colour in the logs against the whiteness of the snow and the dark trees in the background. It’s a bit tight at the top where the top log sits right at the edge of the frame. Overall I think lifting the exposure a bit would open up the image with light as it tends to be a bit flat, perhaps the light wasn’t good on that day for you.

Winter Feed

Winter Feed by Catherine Jones. Lovely, browns, golds and taupe tones to this image against the backdrop of the snow behind. The main lamb is central in the frame and this works well with the other two but it’s a pity the shot was taken when he/she was looking downward. Perhaps a wait of a moment or two would have given you a better shot.

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland by Pat Hopkins. Our lands do become wonderlands in winter and we see beauty wherever we look and we want to capture the beauty, as this author wanted to. To a certain extent you have, there are lovely tawny colours in the trees against the whiteness of the snow which has been rendered well. Unfortunately, its a bit too busy and I’m struggling to find a point of focus.

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