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Online Competition - Three - Feb/March 2019

Three benches at Ross

1st place: Three Benches in Ross by Jackie Poulter. Lovely composition. I would have removed all the dark branches at the top of the image, Just clone away and you have a lovely superb image, great colour and composition. Excellent stuff.

East Usk Lighthouse - the Wetlands - mono

2nd place: East Usk Lighthouse, the Wetlands by Christopher Jones. A lovely image. I like the lighthouse to the left and the three birds in the sky. I am thinking a crop off the top and the right hand side would make it much stronger and place the birds on the thirds. Might be a good idea to remove the people as there are only two. Nice mono tones and a square format would work well too.


3rd place: Orthodox by Mike Roberts. Needs more saturation/vibrance and clarity, Well seen, great composition and its upright, difficult to do these shots. Well done.

Three Arrows 2

Highly Commended: Three Arrows by John Crowland. Great composition, lovely and sharp. Unfortunately the whole image looks too dark on my screen, but I like it.

Waiting to be Sheared

Highly Commended: Waiting to be Sheared by Catherine Jones. The two front sheep are nice and sharp and the one in the background is just going out of focus a bit, but that’s fine. I like the green tags and there is nothing distracting in the image. Great work.

3 Spring Lilies

Commended: Three Spring Lilies by Alison Stace. A good effort, but unfortunately not quite sharp enough on the ends of the stamen. Just focus a little more and this will be lovely as you have a nice triangle for the subject, well saturated (possibly darken bottom left hand corner as this catches your eye) and the image has either been taken against a dark background or you have darkened it down very well.

Three Coins in a Fountain

Commended: Three Coins in a Fountain by Brian Challis. I had to keep looking at this one. I like the way the water distorts the edges of the coins. Maybe (not sure) remove the bubbles. This would make a really good abstract and try making it a square crop. Something different.

Well done to all who entered. The other images with judge's comments, (in no particular order):

Carriage No 3

Carriage No 3 by Catherine Jones. A different take on a railway carriage, I think a crop across the top and on the left hand side (to the edge of the concertina door) would help a lot. You also need to take out the pole after you have cropped it. It needs more colour in the form of vibrance and clarity to bring out the colours, otherwise well done.

Three Cows

Three Cows by Keith Sharples. A very good idea, but the whole of the head of the cow in the front of the image needs to be sharp. It would have been good to have all three sharp as well. Colours are good. sharp nose and your image made me smile.


Class by Chris Morris. I think a crop on the left hand side to remove the No 26 and back edge would improve things. The colours are understated and I like it and good control over the whole image. Three doors only showing the word ‘third’ would have been even better.

F18 Hornet Triptych

F18 Hornet Triptych by John Crowland. The fact you have placed the images at different angles is fantastic. For me, there is too much ghosting around the aircraft and the colours are very dark. A little brighter would improve things a lot and just reduce the sharpness/clarity possibly to remove the ghosting. Great idea, well done.


Reflections by Mike Roberts. Good idea, but the light balance isn’t quite right. I think I would re think it and move the mirrors about. A shame, this has potential.


Snowdrop by Anne Richards. What a shame, not quite sharp enough on the stamens. You should use manual focus for this to get pin point accuracy. Also you need to remove the dark spots on the petals and remove the white areas top and bottom left hand side. This is my type of picture, but it takes practice so keep trying.

The Three Amigos

The Three Amigos by Anne Richards. You were lucky to get all three still. You need to remove the ‘bone’ on the right hand side and also more clarity and colour. Maybe get down lower and closer and try to get all three with their eyes open., a difficult ask! Nice animal picture though. Cute!

Three Arrows

Three Arrows by Christopher Jones. I think I would crop off the top a bit and make the whole image brighter. Nice position in the frame and you can just see the exhaust trails in the bottom right hand corner. Its very sharp and no ghosting, I like it.

3 Windows

Three Windows by Chris Morris. You need to have all the arches at the top showing as for me, this is part of the window. More vibrancy in the middle window especially as there is some lovely colour and detail there. Light areas either side and some of the wall under the cill need to be taken off to concentrate your eye more on the windows.

Three Arches at Tintern

Three Arches at Tintern by Jackie Poulter. You need more colour and saturation in the image. Unfortunately, you have light flare in the top left arch and this needs to be dealt with. Make sure you allow room at the top to adjust your perspective afterwards. There is a lot of detail in there that could be brought out with a little work, keep trying.


Threesome by Brian Challis. Background nicely blurred, good control of your camera. Not sure what has happened with the left arms of the adults, there seems to be something not quite right, strange light areas. Maybe tone down the blues a bit, nice idea.

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