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Online Competition - A Splash of Red, April/May 2019

Splashed Red

1st place: Splashed Red by Keith Sharples.
Lots of drama in this silhouette image. The angled sail and the wake from the board look good with back lighting. Only the horizon needs to be straightened.

Colour Coordinated

2nd place: Colour Co-ordinated by Lyn Sharples.
The background, in shades of grey, certainly reduces the distraction from the main characters and the colour cast from the brolly ties the two subjects together. A well-seen image.


3rd place: Tomatoes by Brian Challis.
Could be an advertising photo. Symmetry is good but rightly broken by the green stem left on just one tomato. Water droplets reduce the overall graphical effect and are very important. Soft lighting is good.

A Splash of Red 1

HC: A Splash of Red (1) by Pat Hopkins.
Striking image. Everything in the right place on the thirds and the light from the left direction is good. Small building really helps the composition. Horizon is not quite level.

Chinese Bride

HC: Chinese Bride by Mike Roberts.
Taken from such a high viewpoint really makes this image. Diagonal line of the dress is good too. Levelling and darkening the wall would improve it even more.

Church lights

C: Church lights by Janet Cox.
The curved lines with the overlap at the top is good. The plain background was essential. The removal of the black bar on the left would simplify the picture even more.


C: Ferraris by John Crowland.
Letterbox format works well and the overlapping cars indicate close racing. Detail of drivers well caught. Maybe the front cars should be a little brighter than the rear one as they are the main subjects.

Well done to all who entered. The other images with judges comments, (in no particular order):

Airport Express

Airport Express by Mike Roberts.
Lots of curves in this picture - the track, the platform and the station roof which makes it easy on the eye. It is a very busy photo. The reflections on the side of the train diminish its impact.

Bridge over harbour

Bridge Over Harbour by Janet Cox.
The composition is strong. The bridge and the horns make a bold image and the man on the phone makes a “communication” connection. The soft foggy finish reduces the overall impact.


Collar by Anne Richards.
The red collar certainly catches the eye. A closer head and shoulders portrait would improve the impact.

Full Steam Ahead

Full Steam Ahead by Catherine Jones.
Position of the engine is good in the frame and the smoke provides action to the image. A bit more brightness and contrast is generally needed but especially in the smoke.

No Entry

No Entry by Christopher Jones.
Two images here. Top half is reality and the bottom half is abstract reflection. Nice colours in the bottom image and the text becomes abstract too.

Perfect Peony

Perfect peony by Alison Stace.
Beautiful complex flower that has rightly attracted the photographer. The harsh light has made life difficult with some areas of white over-exposed. Maybe go in closer and wait for the sun to pass behind a cloud.


Poppy by Catherine Jones.
Red and green are always a good combination and the flower is offset from the centre. With the lines of leaves and stems lying horizontal maybe the picture could be turned 90 degrees anti-clockwise to improve the composition. Getting the centre of the flower tack sharp is vital.

Red  Light

Red Light by Christopher Jones.
Well-seen reflection on the wet paving and the diagonal lines add structure to the image. Cropping in closer would make the light more prominent and remove the yellow text.

Red Bug

Red Bug by Anne Richards.
Good simple structure with diagonal lines and the water droplet. Could have been bolder with colour saturation. Cropping 20% off the left side would give the droplet a stronger position. The bug should be sharp.

Red Stones

Red Stones by Brian Challis.
Round glass bowl in the centre and the darkened corners are good. Red stones are competing with the other colours so maybe desaturate the blues or even convert to monochrome with a spot red colour.

Splash of Red 2

Splash of Red (2) by Pat Hopkins.
Very bold colour, water droplets and dark background make this a strong image. Adding some brightness to the flower would exaggerate it and flipping the picture horizontal would make it “read” left to right.

Sunset at sea

Sunset at Sea by Bill Stace.
The tall building or tree is an important part of this image giving a focus point. Red is the dominant colour and works well. A letterbox crop would improve the picture by removing the top half, which is mainly black.


Waiting by John Crowland.
Reconstructions of times gone-by are always popular. There is a story in this picture. Not the three main characters but the driver in conversation with the woman. Posing the group is not always in the photographer’s hands.

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