Competitions can be a way of improving your photography by listening to the judge's comments and suggestions about your and other members images. (But remember it is one person's opinion and you may not always agree!) Competitions are not for everyone and you do not have to enter competitions if you prefer not to, though most members enjoy watching club competition evenings whether they have entered or not.

Internal club competitions (4 print, 1 DPI)
Members can enter a maximum of 3 images for the club competitions. For full rules click here: Rules for print and dpi competitions 2019-20

Titles and dates are:
  • 18th October 2019 Open, print only (Hand-in 4th Oct)
  • 6th December 2019 Scapes**, print only, (Hand-in 15th Nov)
  • 7th February 2020 Open, DPI only (see below*) (Hand-in 17th Jan)
  • 3rd April 2020 People***, print only (Hand-in 20th March)
  • 15th May 2020 Annual Open, print only (Hand-in 1st May)

* Please note the Open subject competition on 7th February is DPI only. For instructions on sizing/ colour space/ labelling of images see the full rules link above. If you need any help with this Keith Sharples is happy to help.

**The subject of "Scapes" includes landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes, skyscapes etc
***For the subject of "People" the main subject of your image must be a person or people. This includes formal portraits, candid/ street photography, re-enactments/events etc

If you would like help/advice with mounting prints please see Keith Sharples.

Inter-club Battles
  • 20th March 2020 Battle with Ross (At Monmouth)

Bi-monthly Online digital image competition
Members are invited to submit digital photographs online for the bi-monthly digital competition.
They will be judged and viewed on line.
The object of this competition is to encourage members to:
Enter a competition on-line, without having to print and frame your work. Have fun with your photography and be challenged to meet a theme.

September 2019 - The Beach
November 2019 - Transport
January 2020 - In the Winter Garden

No more than two images per theme/month. All entries in JPEG Format and re-sized to 1400 x 1050 Pixels. All entries to be given a title which will also be the file name after resizing the image. The relevant title and the photographer's name should always appear in the file name.
Please rename your file with underscore for spaces and please include your name, (so we know who it is from).
My_Photo_by_Joe_Bloggs will show as My Photo by Joe Bloggs

After following the notes, Please upload your image(s) to the link below.
How to Upload Guide

(This is the preferred method of entry, but if you are having any difficulty with resizing or uploading you can e mail your images direct to and I will resize them and upload them as necessary)

Transport upload