Programme & Diary

This is for all the diary dates for the club for competitions, weekly events and external events that members may be interested in. Press F5 to get the most up to date version of this page.
Please note that sometimes due to circumstances beyond our control changes have to be made to the published programme, please keep an eye on the web page and emails to keep you updated.

Programme: Programme 2019-2020
  • 6th Sep 19 Street Photography: Light and Life on the Streets Damien Demolder
  • 20th Sep 19 Every Step I take Heidi Stewart
  • 4th Oct 19 UrbanEx Tim Knifton (Submit Open Print competition entries)
  • 18th Oct 19 Competition: Open print. Judge: Leigh Woolford Hon FWPF, DPAGB, EFIAP, AWPF, BPE3*
  • 1st Nov 19 1. Lewis and Harris Catherine and Christopher Jones. 2. Image Review and Critique 1 Iain McCallum
  • 15th Nov 19 Mirrorless Landscapes Jim Cossey. (Submit Scapes competition entries)
  • 6th Dec 19 Competition: Scapes Judge: Les Loosemore ARPS, DPAGB, AWPF
  • 20th Dec 19 Christmas Social
  • 3rd Jan 20 Image Review and Critique 2 Iain McCallum
  • 17th Jan 20 Title tbc Amy Davies. (Submit Open DPI competition entries)
  • 7th Feb 20 Competition: Open DPI Judge: Lyn James LRPS
  • 21st Feb 20 Underwater Photography Cate Barrow
  • 6th March 20 My Way Home Arthur Winch
  • 20th March 20 Battle with Ross at Monmouth. Judge: tbc (Submit People competition entries)
  • 3rd April 20 Competition: People Judge: Michael Krier MA Photography, ARPS, AFIAP
  • 17th April 20 1.Droning On Part 2 Iain McCallum. 2. Gap Year at 80 Heather Elliott.
  • 1st May 20 50 Images Mike Roberts (Submit Annual Open print competition entries).
  • 15th May 20 Competition: Annual Open Judge: Peter Young CPAGB, AFIAP, APAGB
  • 22nd May 20 AGM This will include the awarding of trophies.

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Image Review/Critique 1 (1st Nov 19) - Participants to bring in one image for review, (preferably as a dpi on a memory stick). This is not a competition but a way to have an image openly critiqued by the rest of the club. The intention is for the author to see how their image could possibly be improved.
Image Review/Critique 2 (3rd Jan 20) - Participants to bring in two images, (preferably as dpis on a memory stick). For each image bring a before editing shot and the post-production version.These images should be of very different subjects. Again it is not a competition but an opportunity for members to have their images openly critiqued.