About Us

The aims of the Monmouth Photographic Club are to help members improve both the quality and their enjoyment of photography. Hopefully club meetings will inspire you, help you to learn, and above all be fun!

We are open to people of all levels of experience and expertise, total beginners are welcome.

The camera you use is irrelevant. It doesn’t matter if you have the best quality camera that money can buy and produce fine quality 16” x 12” prints, or you use a simple point and shoot camera and want to take pictures of your children/grandchildren.

Our aim is to help you get the best out of your photography.

We do this through a series of meetings through the winter which can broadly be split into four categories as follows:-

1)Talks and demonstrations.
The club invites well-known photographers to come and talk to the club and exhibit some of their work in the form of digital images, slides or prints. Seeing other people’s work gives you inspiration for improving your own photography.

2)Practical sessions.
Members are invited to try various aspects of photography with support from members or tutors.

By entering competitions you can see how your photography is improving and how it compares with the work of other members. The judges are always helpful in providing friendly, constructive criticism. However you don't have to enter competitions unless you want to, you can learn a lot simply by observing other members' images being judged.

4)Members Evenings.
Certain evenings in the programme are designated as members evenings. The exact content of a particular evening is decided by the members and include such things as members giving a demonstration of a particular photographic skill / technique that they use, studio evenings, discussion evenings on a particular aspect of photography, photograph assessment evenings etc.

If you think we might be for you, you are welcome to come to up to three meetings to "try us out" before joining. Meetings cost £4 (£3 for members) and include tea/coffee and biscuits.

We also run a monthly tuition group for more practical advice to help you to improve your photography, see the 'Tuition Group' page for more details.

The club is run by committee members. Committee members are elected at the AGM. The committee members for the 2018/19 season are as follows:
Chairman: Chris Morris
Treasurer: Alison Stace
Programme Secretary: Iain McCallum
Secretary: Janet Cox
Competitions Secretary: Keith Sharples
Webmaster: Lyn Sharples